CadiCon Promo

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The Do’s and Don’ts at CadiCon 2016

1. Do come to CadiCon 2016 to have fun

2. Don’t have have fun at someone’s expense
(no insults, crude language or disrespectful behavior)

3. Do feel free to come dressed as your favorite Anime, Video Game or Super Hero Character

4. Don’t make fun of other peoples characters or costumes, dressing up is for everyone and no one’s effort will be disrespected at CadiCon 2016

5. Do feel free to dress as your favorite Characters

6. Don’t dress inappropriately, (all costumes should show general respect for all and not expose areas that are consider unlawful to do so)

7. Do treat this event as a family friendly event and use common sense about language and behavior when interacting with others at CadiCon 2016

8. Don’t use crude language, remarks or gestures at Cadicon 2016

9. Do Come to the event to celebrate things that the fan world appreciates

10. Don’t bring anything to the event that could be consider a weapon or use any kind of threatening behavior to another attendee

11. Don’t bring or arrive at this event under the influences of any substances (alcohol, controlled substances, etc.)

Following these rules will assure that everyone can attend CadiCon 2016 in a safe and positive environment, failure to abide by these rules may result in being asked to leave the event. Campus Security will be staffing the event and reserve the right to protect the facility and its interest, we the staffers of CadiCon 2016 have agreed to cooperate and coordinate with Baker Security for everyone’s safety

Thank you
CadiCon 2016 Anime & Video Game Expo